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Welcome to the Stem Cell Research Initiative

The Stem Cell Research Initiative at the University of Cape Town comprises a group of researchers with a common goal – harnessing the unique power of stem cells to model disease. The main focus of the group is the utilization of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to create “disease in a dish” models. The group is spread across three Divisions within the Faculty of Health Sciences (Cell Biology, Human Genetics and Neurology), and members include academic staff, support staff and postgraduate students. The group also has a number of local and international collaborations.

(From left, back) Chien-Yu Dennis Lin, Dr Danielle Smith, Profs Sue Kidson and Jacquie Greenberg, Dr Alice Brown, Tatjana Baleta, Thulisa Mkatazo. (From left, front) Dr Robea Ballo, Sylvia Kamanzi-Wa, Dimakatso Gumede. (Photo: Joy-Mari Buys)​


Disclaimer: The Stem Cell Research Initiative is currently strictly involved in only lab-based research.
No group members are involved in any stem cell related clinical trials or patient treatment.